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Our Philosophy

We believe in the "constructivist" model of progressive education. We trust this model will help our children to become lifelong learners. It allows our teachers to provide intentional and purposeful activities through social interactions, which is an expected standard for our center.

The goals we set for our children enable them to actively "construct" their understanding of the world based on their experiences and social interactions. Highscope, the curriculum we have selected is based upon the progressive educational philosophy of John Dewey and Lev Vygotsky that stresses the importance of children building meaning through social interactions. Our children derive meaning from their active participatory play and through their reflection of that play. We believe this is how young children scaffold their knowledge.

We recognize the importance of the family unit and we value the role family plays in the learning process. We entrust that having families present in our center, whether physically or through our classroom environment allows for easy transitions and a welcoming warm atmosphere. 

We believe that our teachers should not only provide meaningful experiences but do so through the alignment of our curriculum, the Ohio Early Learning & Development Standards for our preschoolers, and the common Core State Standards for our school age children. We have confidence that having our children develop meaning throughout their learning process through play and guided by intentional efforts of our teaching staff is exactly how to develop lifelong learners.

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